Sunday, 13 March 2011

In your face 10k!

Race day today and I have to say I did better than I thought I would. Given that my attempts at running in the morning failed miserably and this race was taking place at 10:30am I thought this would end up going the same way and I'd be walking most of the way round. However, I perservered, and managed to complete the course in 1hr 17secs. Not exactly world record breaking but not bad for a fat, sweaty lump! It probably helped that the course was flat and the route I run when training has about 4 hills!

The atmosphere was great too! It was only a small event with about 600-ish runners but everyone was really friendly and as a first time race runner was made to feel welcome. It also ups your confidence a bit when you have people clapping for you at the half way point (my 10k consisted of 2 laps.)

My next step now is to follow a half marathon training plan. There is a HM in May i'm considering entering however i'm going to see how the training goes before I do. Obviously with training for a HM it will involve doing more mileage and training more often than i'm used to so want to make sure i'm ready to take on the challenge. After that, who knows whats next!

Until next time folks!

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